okay so I’m looking at wigs for my Flame Princess cosplay (hopefully for FSC that convention is literally up in the air for me at the moment) from Arda-Wigs.

and I was thinking this wig but in Pumpkin (AR011) as the colour? What do you guys think, would that work?

EDIT: I’m looking at the colours, and the only ones available for this wig is AR011 or 025, the one beneath AR023. I don’t see the AR023 but I do like that one?? I’ll keep checking back to see if it becomes available….

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  1. aznpandalver answered: I think Punpkin would be a wonderful color for Flame Princess
  2. undead-moon answered: ar023 I like that one better the pumpkin looks a little dark and the lighter it is the more it’ll reflect light and look more like a fireglow
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